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What We Said When The World Changed

What the stock market did today doesn’t matter. But reading about how people
obsessed over what it did on any given day in, say, 1990, is telling. The
stock market is almost 11 times higher today than it was in 1990. So reading
a 1990 article about what a 0.5% decline meant for investors makes you want
to yell, “None of this matters! Just take a long-term view!” That’s one of the
most valuable lessons in investing. And you don’t get it reading today’s newspaper.
You get it — clear as day — from old newspapers.

– Morgan Housel

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Can a robot do your job?

Not even a week has passed since we wrote about robots and automatization of processes.

Financial Times has come up with a tool that allows to determine which activities of your job can be automated:

Here is a link: Can a robot do your job?

The calculator/tool is constructed based on the data from McKinsey Global Institute. As a large consulting business they usually have wider picture of what actions companies are taking to improve their processes.

Though we should keep in mind that technology is going forward very rapidly. Many more activities and even jobs or roles will be automated in not so distant future. And some jobs won’t be automated, some will go away completely.

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Facebook For Work

Most employers figured out long ago that allowing people to access Facebook at work could lead to lessened productivity.

However, Facebook is on the verge of launching a version of Facebook that is tailored towards corporations.

This is a potential game changer in a number of ways.

The size of Facebook’s existing user base and their familiarity with the platform could lead to rapid adoption and immediate benefits in terms of leveraging off of the platform’s many strengths:

LINK: Facebook for Work

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Tim Cook Still Thinks About ‘The Jetsons’

Here’s a link to an article from FastCompany about Apple:


I have defended Apple in the past. I held on to their stock for too long. This interview cut right to the heart of the matter:

“People like things they can do now, not just think about,” Cook says. “I’ve been thinking about The Jetsons since I was a kid. But occasionally you want The Jetsons to come to reality. That’s what Apple is so great at: Productizing [sic] things and bringing them to you, so you can be a part of it.”

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We Are Headed Towards Free Energy

OK. Maybe not, but the calculus is moving markedly in that direction:



But what about night time? What about places that don’t get much sun?

The ever-increasing supply generated from solar power will lessen demand for all other sources of energy, thus reducing their cost.

“But Paul, how can you be sure of this?”

Me: “Will the sun rise tomorrow?”

There you go.

Also, cheaper solar power makes projects like this more and more feasible:

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