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Can a robot do your job?

Not even a week has passed since we wrote about robots and automatization of processes.

Financial Times has come up with a tool that allows to determine which activities of your job can be automated:

Here is a link: Can a robot do your job?

The calculator/tool is constructed based on the data from McKinsey Global Institute. As a large consulting business they usually have wider picture of what actions companies are taking to improve their processes.

Though we should keep in mind that technology is going forward very rapidly. Many more activities and even jobs or roles will be automated in not so distant future. And some jobs won’t be automated, some will go away completely.

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“O, brave new world that has such ROBOTS in it!”

The title of this post of course paraphrases Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. However, whereas “The Tempest” concerns itself with the nature or art and theatrical illusion, this link shows the very real progress that is being made in the field of robotics:


Speaking of which, Martin Ford’s “RISE OF THE ROBOTS – Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future” is on my reading list. Here’s a link to the NY Times’s review:


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